Russ is a great driving instructor highly recommended, heโ€™s very patient, helpful, supportive and reliable

Haydn Bevis

Russ was an excellent tutor, very calm, polite and down to earth. He helped me build my confidence which lead me to a first time pass with no faults, couldn't ask for anymore.

Brandon Bernard

Thanks to Russ Chaplin's thorough and professional approach to Driving lessons, I passed first time with only a couple of minor faults. If you are looking for a friendly, reliable and patient driving instructor in Nottingham, you definitely should contact Russ.

Matt Jones

Great driving instructor. Failed my test numerous times previously with other instructors and passed first time with Russ.

Kimberley Paling

Russ was a fantastic Driving instructor, patient, supportive and always reliable. I was so nervous starting with a new instructor after having my confidence knocked by a previous one but I need not have worried at all. Within a couple lessons I enjoyed being back on the road and became the safe, confident driver I am now passing 2nd time with 4 minors! Cheers Russ!

Christie Rider

Russ was an excellent Driving instructor, I would highly recommend to anyone. I was very nervous and unsure about driving, but after a few lessons felt a lot more confident behind the wheel. He was very reliable, always calm and the lessons were well planned out and challenging so you felt prepared once you passed. I couldn't have done it without him. So a big, big thank you to Russ and if you need an instructor then look no further, Russ is definitely the guy!

Kyle Goodswen

After my first driving instructor putting me down and wasting my time, in the first lesson Russ already had me doing more and got my confidence up instantly. In the lessons we would work on everything, not just what you need to pass but anything you may need when driving. His lessons were very useful and from this i needed only 14 lessons until I went and passed my test 1st time. I would highly recommend Russ to anyone!

Callum Garratt

Russ was a excellent driving instructor. He was very reassuring and supportive and someone I would thoroughly recommend to undertaken lessons with. Many Thanks Russ!

Myron Huzan

I saw myself as a nervous driver but after a few weeks russ changed that and made me into the safe driver I am now. I managed to pass first time on my practical with the one and a half hour lessons being very useful as you can cover a larger amount of stuff in one lesson- brilliant instructor would definitely recommend

Tom Daykin

Russ is a fantastic instructor who is very calm and patient with all learners and I was able to pass first try thanks to him! Can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks Russ!!!

Michael Bearder

Excellent driving instructor really recommend russ he gave me the confidence I needed really supported me to pass my test.

Gemma Speed

russ is a brilliant instructor; reassuring, very calm and confident. hes very good at identifying your weak points and helping you over come them. much better than my other instructors by far thanks again mate

Kyle Bush

Russ is a fantastic driving instructor who managed to turn a person who was very unsure and nervous about driving into someone who passed first time Russ was always friendly and was very easy to get along with i'm gonna miss our lessons and our conversations. If your in Nottingham and need a driving instructor then look no further because this is the man for you.

Dykan Whitehead

Russ was an excellent instructor, he always made me feel at ease as i was a nervous pupil, even when i doubted myself he always believed in me. Russ would always try his best to work around me their were moments when things wasn't easy with having 3 children but he always understood and helped me as best as possible. Always on time, not one lesson with me was he unable to attend and i was beign instructed by Russ for a while THANK YOU Russ all the best in the future.

Erika Doswell

Russ was a very professional instructor: very punctual, patient and supportive. I never felt any nerves when driving in his car as he was always calm and if I was ever unsure as to what to do all I need do is ask. Simultaneously, each lesson was challenging and interesting. The car was clean and never underpreformed which was comforting. I am very thankful to him as I owe my licence to him and wish him all the best for the future.

Dan Parker

Russ is a brilliant teacher, never doubted me even though I was a nervous pupil, I will always be very grateful for the patience and good helpful help he showed me, Russ is very punctual and never late. Learning to drive as opened up a whole new world to me, so if you are looking for the best teacher look no further than russ Chaplin.

Janice Cheeseman

Russ is a great instructor; always willing to be flexible to accommodate me, friendly and fun. I passed first time with 7 minors! I'm a confident, thoughtful driver and owe it all to Russ! Thanks again for the last 6 months, looking forward to finishing the PassPlus course with you too.

Rebekah Marong

easily one of the best driving instructors you could have highly recommended! very supportive and his teaching methods are great and helps you pick things up more quickly! thanks!

Callum Barrett

Russ was patient, clear, good -humoured and very supportive. And very punctual too! All that meant that I learned to drive far far quicker than I ever thought I would. Really chuffed - thanks!

David Bell

I was an extremely nervous driver, and Russ didn't lose patience with me at all. He was supportive, a great teacher, and a really nice guy ๐Ÿ™‚

Boo Jackson

I would highly recommend Russ to anyone looking to learn to drive. I was a very slow learner and work commitments set me back on multiple occasions but Russ stayed patient with me throughout. He was extremely professional and his calmness helped to reassure me even as a very nervous new driver. Over the course of my lessons Russ took me around many different areas of Nottingham and taught me how to react in multiple situations, which although weren't necessary helped me gain the confidence to pass my driving test and will continue to help me stay a safe driver afterwards.

Jack Buxton

As it states in all other reviews: Russ is brilliant/fantastic/awesome! Having had my fingers burnt before with a driving instructor I was unsure whether to bother to continue learning. Russ was always on time, didn't cancelled a single lesson and I was never a taxi driver for his previous student! He was extremely informative and patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn. Russ thank you!

Shaun Ward

I started having lessons with Russ in May, having not had any for over 10yrs. He was great at immediately pushing me by letting me drive around to find out how much i remembered, which was a brilliant start as i was half expecting to start from scratch again. Lessons with him were always enjoyable, his teaching style was laid back and about developing actual driving skills instead of ticking boxes to pass the test, and he's a good guy to just have a natter too. Unlike a lot of instructors, he NEVER turned up late or cancelled a single lesson so is super dependable.... Thanks to Russ, i passed my test first time, and have no doubt that i'm much more confident/better equipped to deal with any situation thanks to his methods and madness ๐Ÿ™‚

Ruth Feeney

Russ was an excellent driving instructor. His lessons were cleverly designed to test and develop my driving in different situations and places; when I struggled with a particular technique Russ made sure we focussed on that area without spending the whole lesson doing so which allowed me to become more confident. I approached my practical driving test confident that I had the ability to pass, and this was solely down to Russ's great lessons. I enjoyed our lessons a lot and would highly recommend him.

Alex Taylor

Russ is an excellent driving instructor. As a mature learner I was looking for an instructor who I felt comfortable with. I was a very nervous learner who had put off learning to drive for years. Russ however got me ready to pass my test first time. Russ is the consummate professional and has a very pleasant, friendly approach and manner. He teaches you the necessary skills and maneuvers in a way that puts you at ease (and therefore able to absorb the lesson better). He has some very unique tricks and tips that takes all the difficulty out of driving. Russ is also a very interesting chap, who makes the lessons enjoyable and fun. Highly recommended. A+

Chris Mooney

All I can say is thank you very much, a first time pass! ๐Ÿ™‚ Russ is a great driving instructor and has put up with my tears, lack of confidence and whinging for the past few months and has made me feel a whole lot better about driving. He made sure I was ready for my test and didn't rush or push me to do anything that was outside of my comfort zone or I wasn't ready for. He's extremely patient, calm and always reliable. Highly recommended to anyone learning to drive!

Kirstie Putt

Looking for a professional driving instructor? Go no further as the search ends here, itโ€™s Russ. He is an exceptional driving instructor that helped me pass my driving test the first time itself. I found him to be very patient and professional at all times. I received very good teaching with proper explanations on any anything I asked about. His easy to follow procedure for all the manoeuvres, helps a lot as it divides the task into parts. He also highlights your positives as well as any improvements. Having taken lessons with Russ, I have not just learned how to get through a test but also learned how to be a safe driver on the road. I would highly recommend Russ to anyone and everyone.

Suheab Sheriff

I've passed my driving test on the first time , thanks to Russ .He is very friendly, patient and always on time.If anyone looking for driving instructor he's the one to call. Thanks a lot for your time mate , I know I was very hard learner ,your advices and tips were very useful I hope to see you soon ! Olaf Ziorko

Olaf Ziorko

Russ is a fantastic driving instructor. Not only did he help me pass first time, but he helped me grow in confidence as a driver. He is very patient, calm and happy to go over things as many times as you want as well as tailor the lesson to suit you, which a lot of the bigger driving schools can't do. He is always on time and the lessons are great value for money. I would recommend Russ to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Rosie Freathy

Russ is a great instructor. I got off to a slow start driving but thanks to Russ I was able to quickly progress onto passing my test first time. He is always on time for lessons and you get a great value for money. I would highly recommend Russ to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Alex Tate

Thank you Russ. your classes and advices help me a lot to pass my test. i had only 3 classes but it was so good and to the point how to do on the test. thanks.

Salah Krimly

Thanks to Russ for getting me through my driving test couldn't have done it without him. Great instruction and good value for money. I benefitted from Russ' calm teaching style and would recommend Russ as a driving instructor to anyone.

Joe Williams

Russ Chaplin is an excellent driving instructor. I came as a complete novice, and passed my test first time. He implemented the basics for me, and when I had a 2 month driving break, (attempting and eventually passing my theory test,) I practiced with learner insurance, and though I improved a lot in this period, I went back to Russ for my final 5 hours, and in this period he gave me that extra knowledge to get me over the line and I am very happy and grateful for that. Though my dad helped me a lot in my driving too, I can honestly say that without Russ I would not have passed my test, especially because of my novice ability to begin with too. He is a great driving instructor, and I have enjoyed learning with him. I am going back for pass plus scheme too. A final thank you, and to everyone out there who wants to learn how to drive, use Russ!!!

James Ockleford

Russ is a great instructor. He was patient, friendly and motivating to help me learn driving from scratch. Showing me the ropes and making me more confident on the road. Thank you Russ

Anastasia Baranova

Russ is a brilliant driving instructor. He always shows up to lessons on time and is very reliable. He is very calm and patient whilst giving you plenty of advice and also points out what you have done well, which gives you a good boost of confidence. Thanks to Russ my test was a walk in the park, I would thoroughly recommend him.

Alex Grigorakis

Words cannot describe how highly I recommend Russ as a Driving Instructor . He is extremely organised and punctual - he is never late or cancels (something which many of my friends have unfortunately experienced with other Driving Instructors) and is a very calm, patient and relaxed guy that teaches you how to drive properly in a friendly environment. Russ builds upon your level of driving to the point where the practical test feels so much simpler than you had originally imagined and that is a sign of a top guy and a top quality Driving Instructor. I will always recommend him 10/10!

Scott Thacker

Russ is a great instructor. He teaches solid techniques to get the job done and is patient while you get to grips with them. If you're looking for an instructor to get you to test standard in good time, Russ is your man.

Sean Whittle

Russ was always on time. We drove all over Nottingham and he taught me to drive above and beyond what was needed to pass my test. It was a 1st time pass for me with 2 minor faults. The test was easy because Russ gave me the confidence in my driving skills. Russ was very patient with me. If I had to do it all over again I would pick Russ again.

Dawn Spooner

Russ is an excellent driving instructor. Has helped me from learning the very basics to the more complex parts. He did such a great job and managed to pass my test first time. Could not have done it without his help.

Daniel Taylor

Russ is a great instructor and Iโ€™m glad I chose him when browsing around on the Internet. He is always on time to lessons and gives you the full length of the session that you paid for. He is very patient and can pick out exactly what to work on in order to improve your driving.
He passed on practical tips and advice for driving which Iโ€™m sure will serve me well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to become an independent and safe driver

Ling Yang

I've just passed my driving test thanks to Russ. He is a great instructor, very patient and always calm. He is very professional with wide knowledge and easy communication. I would highly recommend Russ to everyone who wants to become confident driver. Thank you for believing in me. Monika

Monika Krysiak

Russ is a super driving instructor, he immediately makes you feel comfortable and takes you through your learning at a pace suited to you and your development. I would recommend him to anyone. He is also a good laugh, which is an added bonus.

Tom Osborne

Russ is an excellent instructor. Very professional, patient and will make you feel at ease. He gives good advice on the road, knows your limitations and what to work on for the future. He's a good laugh and I'd defiantly recommend him to anyone looking to learn.

David Phillips

Russ is a great and patient instructor. He knows when to offer help and when to try and let you figure out situations yourself so that you can really progress to become an independent and assured driver. As someone who lacked confidence and became stressed on test days, Russ was always understanding about how this felt and always encouraging. In lessons we covered pretty much the whole of Nottingham which has really benefited me. Thanks Russ, so happy to have passed!

Claire Levy

Russ was a great instructor, very friendly and professional. Excellent lessons with lots of helpful advice and tips. Very patient and would recommend to anyone, thanks to Russ I passed my test first time, thanks mate.

Ashley Kelly

Mr.Russ is a brilliant instructor; reassuring, very calm and confident. Knows what he is doing, he lets you master all the manoeuvres with hints and tips to remember with simple way and clear instruction. Mr.Russ will correct all your driving weakness and build up your confident. I highly recommend Russ to anyone.

Taha Ismaeil

The biggest benefit of learning to drive with Russ was the fact that I was able to take my son with me on my lessons while my partner was working. This was a huge benefit as it saved me the expense of paying for childcare and without it I would not have been able to learn. On the whole, I found the lessons to be enjoyable and would highly recommend Russ to anyone.

Morag Colquhoun

Russ is a great driving instructor. He is patient and puts you at ease behind the wheel. You can have a great laugh with him but he still remains professional throughout. He will teach you how to drive the roads not just the test routes so you feel more prepared for your test. Would recommend Russ to anyone who wanted lessons!

Tom Walker

Russ is a great driving instructor. We did lots of driving that's far more difficult than the route I took on my test so I'm well prepared for the future, and he's always positive to make learning to drive a really enjoyable experience. Recommended without hesitation!

Alex Grafton

Russ is a fantastic driving instructor! I lacked in confidence within myself and hated driving all together when I couldn't get it right, but the thing I appreciated the most from Russ is that he had faith in me and always encouraged me to Keep Positive and succeed, in which I did! We even did a little dance when I passed haha!!
If your looking to learn quick whilst still enjoying yourself, Russ is the man for you! Thank you soooo much again

Samantha England

Excellent instructor. It took me time to get used to the driving basics, but Russ was patient and explained everything clearly, which enabled me to build confidence on the road. I needed to pass my test by a certain date and Russ's professionalism and flexibility allowed me to do this. Highly recommended!!

Adrien Haddab

Excellent driving instructor. Taught me to a driving standard beyond that required for the driving test. He has the knowledge to cater for all driving standards. He kept things simple and built up my driving confidence in a short period of time. I thoroughly recommend Russ to all, he is a high-quality independent driving instructor.

Tom Burnham

Russ is an excellent driving instructor. He is very clear with instructions, and always maintained a calm, reassuring and positive approach, which really helps to boost your confidence as a learner. I felt fully prepared for the test after lessons with Russ, and I passed my test the first time. I highly recommend Russ for anyone learning to drive in Nottingham; he is a brilliant instructor.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Russ is a great driving instructor; he always gave clear instructions and was always there to save us if I did something wrong. He didn't only take me round the test routes so I learnt how to drive in more difficult situation, which made the test route easy in comparison and made me a better driver. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons.

Josh Goodswen

A fantastic instructor, reassuring and very calm even when I almost killed him multiple times! I passed first time with Russ and I can't recommend him enough

Greg Hall

I was nervous of driving - having been on the road for seven years on a bike, a car felt very big and I knew that I had picked up some bad habits! Russ set me at ease straight away, taking a structured approach to make sure that everything was covered and focussing on areas where I initially struggled. Most importantly to me, Russ packed a lot of actual driving into our lessons โ€“ something that I had not found in my (brief) experience of other driving instructors. I would like to thank Russ for giving me the tools and confidence to finally attempt my driving test and pass it first time, with just two minors. I honestly couldnโ€™t recommend him more to anyone wanting to pass their test (and heโ€™s a really nice guy to have a chat to)!

David Linsdell

I had the first driving test with another instructor and he was good but I have failed because I have lost my confidence with him because of the stress that the previeous instructor put me in. Russ has return my confidence with his calm assurance and his brilliant theoritical and practical instructions. He is well organized and I would really recommend him to any one. don't waste your time looking for another instructor Russ is the one you looking for. I have passed my test today with zero faults, not even minor fault.

Mohammed Alqahtani

Russ he is really nice instructor, calm and he build my confidence back he made me pass my test after several failure attempts with different instructor . High recommended .

Rian Mukred

Russ was a brilliant driving instructor. He was friendly, polite, patient, consistent and reliable. i passed my first time with no problems and felt confident leading up to the test. I highly reccomend him.

Corey Putt

I was very nervous about driving but Russ was great - calm and reassuring and patient with mistakes. I failed a test when I was 17 and it put me off driving for years. I was amazed that just over a month after starting lessons with Russ, I had passed my test. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor in Nottingham.

Cass Johnston

Cannot recommend Russ highly enough, having taken my test and failed three times Russ gave me the pointers i needed to sail through, he is patient, knowledgeable and professional, Thank you.

Jason Weston

Russ was my fourth instructor, im 28 and had experienced a variety of different methods with regards to teaching styles and approaches, i can happily say that i passed today and it was all down to Russ's contribution, patience and ability to ensure that if i wasnt doing something incorrectly, he would go over it in such a way, that it wasnt monotonous or superficially sugar coated, but actually sunk in and i understood it. For example, i had difficulty reading and recognising road signs and markings, i just wouldnt acknowledge them. Previous instructors would take me on the same route over and over effectively making me get use to driving on the same road, this didnt help me learn to read and see the signs any better, i just knew what i was looking out for and the direction i needed to travel, during a test, this would not have helped me as the route is random (as i found out today AGEN). Russ made me an independant driver, not somebody that was relient on direction or fluke, he always takes you on new routes that your not familiar with so you have to experience different situations and adjust accordingly. He is by far the best instructor i have had and couldnt recommend him highly enough!

Amrdeep Singh

Passed first time with Russ, if you need a driving instructor look no further.

Warren Lawler

"Great instructor! started learning to drive with another instructor years ago, failed my first test and gave up. About 2 months ago I decided to give it another go and I'm glad I did, Russ is a great instructor, made everything seem simple. very reliable, would highly recommend!"

Felix Mitchell-Hampson

I passed my test at the first time of asking. Russ is a great instructor; he made me feel at ease on the road. He will let you know what you are doing well, and any criticism I received was entirely constructive and ultimately very helpful. He is also really reliable; he always turned up on time for our lessons. His manoeuvre videos on the website are great too, well worth a look. Thanks a lot for your help.

Adam Gray

I passed my test today, I started from scratch with Russ also he was very patient with me all the way through and I would recommend him to anyone, I also found the pictures on his website very helpful especially when preparing for my test, thankyou again Russ xx

Gemma Shepherd

Very Patient and lovely instructor. I really enjoyed learning driving in UK with him.

Ayoub Amini

Fab driving instructor, taught me from scratch and passed first time ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone else below has pretty much said everything I could say about you, so thank you again!

Victoria Blott

"Today I had a test for a first time with Russ and pass it ๐Ÿ™‚

It was my first experience to drive in the UK and Russ corrected all my mistakes and
taught me how to drive correctly and safe.

He is a very good instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone who want to pass the driving test and learn how to drive in the best way.
He is very on time, patient, manage to teach you in the best time, make you calm and encourage you to drive better and better.

Thanks Russ and wish you the best"

Gole Moghadami

"Russ asked me to leave an honest opinion so here it goes: I managed to pass first time with Russ also. His instruction was 10/10. and he corrected a big flaw in my clutch control that I inherited from another instructor by the first 3 lessons. The hours were always flexible. I highly recommend anyone (whether a beginner or a semi-experienced driver) to sign up for driving lessons with Russ. He is reliable, on time, and has a knack for encouragement and keeping you calm and in control at all times. Thanks again Russ!"

Mustafa Aljundi

'I don't always write reviews like this, but when I do it's because I passed first time with Russ Chaplin. The lessons were extremely well structured and flexible to my timetable and the actual instruction was first class. I always felt safe in a car with Russ even on my first time on the roads. Russ is a great guy and easy to get along with and has all the qualities of a top notch instructor. Don't hesitate to call him, you wont regret it!'"

Alex Klein

Russ was a great instructor, he was constructively critical with practical advice as well as being informative. He built up my strengths and weaknesses as well as my confidence. I couldn't have passed without him. He also recommended some great heavy music.

James Pateman

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