driving lessons in Nottingham Driving Lessons in Nottingham. New Learners get the first 10 hours for £330.00 with Driving Instructor Russ Chaplin.

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If it’s driving lessons Nottingham you need then look no further! As one of the Nottingham area’s leading driving instructors. I
provide driving lessons in Arnold, Bulwell, Sherwood, Bestwood, Basford, Forest Fields, Aspley, Bilborough, Mapperley, Top Valley and surrounding areas. I am experienced in giving driving
instructor training for other Nottingham driving schools. I deliver Pass Plus and advanced driver training in Nottingham as well. Give me a call today. If I’m in a driving lesson leave a message and I’ll get right back to you. If you contact me through this website I’ll get back to you asap. Don’t go anywhere else!

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You can use my videos while taking lessons in Nottingham. They
cover all major topics of the learner syllabus. They can be used to
reinforce learning and help you to pass your test as quickly and smoothly as possible. They tie in with my style of teaching which will differ from other driving instructors in Nottingham.

These driving lessons Nottingham videos show the structure of a typical driving lesson where a new topic is introduced. I will begin by fully explaining the topic and use diagrams to make sure you
understand all you need to know while you are learning to drive in Nottingham. If you like I will then demonstrate for you while I
explain what I am doing. There will then be plenty of time for you to practice with plenty of support from your friendly driving instructor until you feel comfortable enough to do it on your own. Of course I will be ready to step in and help out if you are having difficulty or simply offer helpful advice and encouragement. As one of the
independent driving schools in Nottingham, looking after my pupils is so important. I like to use a client centred approach to teaching driving which means you are totally involved in the lesson and not merely following instructions. You can even set the agenda for your driving lessons in Nottingham. If there is something specific you want to learn that day then that is what we’ll do if we think you are ready. I always encourage people to ask any questions they like.
Often the questions that pupils think may be trivial can lead to some very powerful learning.

This way you will always know exactly where you are at and what you need to achieve with my Nottingham driving school. You won’t be held back and when driving test day comes around you will be well. This way you will always know exactly where you are at and what you prepared for success. Not only will you be able to pass the driving test but you will be ready to take to the roads safely on your own. That is the most important thing. Making sure you are able to drive safely on all types of road for the rest of your driving career. You will be driving for many years to come and it is such an
important part of life. It’s worth getting it right during your driving lessons Nottingham and then enjoying a lifetime of safe and
pleasurable motoring.

Driving Instructors Nottingham

I love being a driving instructor and am always enthusiastic about giving driving lessons in Nottingham. Whether I am teaching learner drivers to pass the L test or teaching advanced driving for the
Diamond Advanced test and Diamond Special test I always enjoy my work.  I have met some fantastic people during my 18 years as a driving instructor and look forward to meeting many more, I give driving instruction in all areas of Nottingham and teach all driving lessons on a one-to-one basis. I never use a session as an excuse to drive the last person home and save myself some time. You always get the full time that you paid for and the driving lesson is tailored to your requirements. Customer care is very important to me and you can rest assured that we will focus solely on your needs while you are learning to drive in
Nottingham. Everyone is different and we will work closely together to make sure you are getting the most from your learning
experience. I believe good quality driving lessons offer better value for money than cheaper ones with poor quality teaching.

Have a look around at the various driving courses I have to offer and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help or

I am a member of the Driving Instructors Association, the largest
association for professional driving instructors in the UK. As a
member I have signed the DIA code of professional conduct and agree to abide by it, so you can be assured of the very best service while you take your driving lessons Nottingham. The code of
conduct is set out below –

DIA Code of Professional Conduct

I will not give false information about the services I offer including information about my qualifications, the cost of driving lessons
Nottingham, or the number of sessions you will need to be ready for the test. The number of sessions always differs from person to person depending upon their abilities.

    • Terms of business will always be discussed with the pupil and agreed at the beginning of driving lessons
      Nottingham. There will never be any hidden charges or fees.
    • Physical contact with my pupil will be avoided as well as any offensive language. I like to keep driving lessons friendly but as a professional driving instructor in Nottingham I am keen not to annoy or offend anyone.
    • I will teach you to drive to the best of my ability, covering all topics of the test syllabus. You will be well prepared to pass the driving test in Nottingham at any test centre of your choosing.
    • I will only discuss a pupil’s progress with others if the pupil has given their permission for me to do so. I always avoid discussing pupils with other driving instructors Nottingham and anything said during a lesson will be treated as
    • I will always maintain reasonable dress and good personal hygiene. Smart but casual. I’ve never been one for wearing a tie. I like to keep a smart but informal driving school in
    • I will make sure that my driving school car is well maintained, is clean and tidy and is properly insured for driving lessons. The car is the classroom so keeping it clean and tidy is
      always a top priority.
    • I will make sure that driver training is conducted in
      full accordance with the law. We don’t want you getting any points on your provisional licence during your driving lessons Nottingham so keeping in line with the Highway Code is the way to go.
    • I will keep up my professional development to the very best of my ability. I always keep up to date with the latest
      developments in the industry as well as best practice of
      modern teaching techniques.

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Head Office – 432 St Albans Road, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 9FQ.  Tel. 07932 458838

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