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Prepare for the extended driving test in Nottingham. Regain your licence with your advanced driving instructor in

extended driving test nottinghamShould you have been disqualified from driving for any reason after taking driving lessons in Nottingham and passing your Learner test you may have to take an extended driving test. This is a more demanding driving test which lasts 70 minutes and covers a wider variety of roads including Dual Carriageways.  Your driving may not be up to the required standard if you have not had any training for some time. You may have formed some bad driving habits which led to you being
disqualified in the first place. These habits will need to be looked at and smoothed out if you are to be successful in regaining your
driving licence.

Prepare with an advanced driving school in Nottingham

The manoeuvres are the same as the standard driving test but there is much more emphasis on concentration and attitude to other road users. You will need good quality driver training, with regard to
hazard awareness, planning and smooth vehicle control over
different speeds and types of road if you are to be successful. An
advanced driving instructor with plenty of experience will be
essential in helping you succeed in the extended driving test. 70 minutes can be a long time to drive under test conditions so a lot of concentration will be needed. You will need to stay calm and plan well ahead, especially on high speed roads and dual carriageways. You will be expected to make reasonable progress driving at the speed limit when it is safe to do so. The manoeuvre will need to be accurate with good all round observation. There will be a period of independent driving where you will be asked to follow direction signs with no verbal prompts from the examiner.


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