Stop, Get Set…Go! The Meaning of Traffic Lights.

driving schools nottingham traffic lights This is not the start of a race.

It’s amazing how many people learning to drive think that traffic lights mean Stop, Get ready and go. The correct meanings are different. Let’s take a look.

Red does mean Stop, but also wait at the stop line. Drivers can get confused when turning right at major crossroads and slam on the brakes when they see the red light intended for traffic on the other road. Remember, if there is no stop line on the road surface then the light is not for you. Same if you’re turning left in a filter lane. Unless there is a set of lights on both sides of the lane you’re in, then the light is not for you and it’ll be a give way line on the road.

Red and Amber together still means Stop but green is not far away so start preparing to move off.

Green does not mean Go. It means you may proceed if your exit is clear and it is safe to do so. Don’t feel pressure from drivers behind to move off if you’re only going to move forward a bit and block the junction. People taking driving lessons in Nottingham tend to get a bit worried about this. Stay at the stop line until your exit is clear. Watch out for people crossing the road as well, probably texting.

Amber doesn’t mean foot down you can make it if you try. It means Stop unless you have already crossed the stop line or you have to brake so hard you may cause an accident. Always check the mirrors and if a vehicle is really close behind them be careful how you brake. If a green light has been on for some time and ‘gone stale’ then ease off the gas and be prepared to brake if it changes.

Finally, keep an eye out for green filter arrows. New drivers tend to miss these as they don’t stand out as much as red and can be difficult to see if you are driving in fog. Don’t start daydreaming and miss them either or you’ll be hearing car horns from behind, and that’ll be embarrassing.

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Driving in the Dales

Careful when driving on country roads

Well hello there. Here is my first blog post! It’s all about driving around the Yorkshire Dales with me Girlfriend last weekend and the poor driving that takes place on country roads with a few tips for you to enjoy.

driving lessons nottingham country roads It’s a big change when you get on the country roads and loads different from driving lessons Nottingham style. The roads are tiny and have stone walls right next to them with no pavement. This means loads of people are walking in the road. As the roads are bendy and on hills you can’t see if anyone is there until you’re almost on top of them. Keep the speed down and look well into the bend. You could tell the city drivers from the way they piled round the bends too quickly going wide on to the wrong side. This could be deadly and you take a chance every time you do it. Always be able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear. It’s the way forward. If you are walking, don’t spread out all the way across the road so you can have a laugh together. And while you’re at it, don’t let your young kids run on ahead in the road. Put them on a lead if necessary.

Plenty of cyclists use the roads and they are almost as fast as a car. There were many serious expressions on the faces of cyclists up in the dales. Obviously they were into some serious training. You can’t hear them coming in a car so be extra careful. Stunning scenery will try to lure your eyes away from the road ahead so beware of temptation and find somewhere to stop if you want to take it all in. Cyclists, please ride single file rather than side by side having a conversation.

Those passing places are tiny. If I pull into one to let you pass, please don’t wait in a narrow bit and flash your headlights in an attempt to be overly helpful. Notice I’m in a passing place and be on your way, there’s a good chap. We can all make it if we try. Be careful you don’t break off those door mirrors on the dry stone walls as you squeeze past.

If you do walk up to the top of Malham Cove, do make sure you’ve got some water cos it’s a long way up and believe me you will get thirsty. Tara for now.

By Russ Chaplin
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