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Stop, Get Set…Go! The Meaning of Traffic Lights.

driving schools nottingham traffic lights This is not the start of a race.

It’s amazing how many people learning to drive think that traffic lights mean Stop, Get ready and go. The correct meanings are different. Let’s take a look.

Red does mean Stop, but also wait at the stop line. Drivers can get confused when turning right at major crossroads and slam on the brakes when they see the red light intended for traffic on the other road. Remember, if there is no stop line on the road surface then the light is not for you. Same if you’re turning left in a filter lane. Unless there is a set of lights on both sides of the lane you’re in, then the light is not for you and it’ll be a give way line on the road.

Red and Amber together still means Stop but green is not far away so start preparing to move off.

Green does not mean Go. It means you may proceed if your exit is clear and it is safe to do so. Don’t feel pressure from drivers behind to move off if you’re only going to move forward a bit and block the junction. People taking driving lessons in Nottingham tend to get a bit worried about this. Stay at the stop line until your exit is clear. Watch out for people crossing the road as well, probably texting.

Amber doesn’t mean foot down you can make it if you try. It means Stop unless you have already crossed the stop line or you have to brake so hard you may cause an accident. Always check the mirrors and if a vehicle is really close behind them be careful how you brake. If a green light has been on for some time and ‘gone stale’ then ease off the gas and be prepared to brake if it changes.

Finally, keep an eye out for green filter arrows. New drivers tend to miss these as they don’t stand out as much as red and can be difficult to see if you are driving in fog. Don’t start daydreaming and miss them either or you’ll be hearing car horns from behind, and that’ll be embarrassing.

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