traffic jams in nottingham

Nottingham is a Traffic Jam

Why does the sign say Road works when it doesn’t?

The roads out there in Nottingham are more congested than ever with the installation of the new tram system and numerous other projects driving lessons nottingham traffic jamgoing on which involve digging up the road. This can have a big effect on the content of intensive driving lessons and the ability of the driving instructor to get there on time. Believe me, the day is long when you’re sat in a jam half the day and doing lessons in between.

More people than ever now own their own car. In areas with old narrow streets with cars double parked it can be a real problem getting through. New learners need to stay away from these areas when practising until they have gained some experience. A dodgy slip of the clutch while moving off or poor judgement of space could lead to a prang and loss of door mirrors.

Traffic is at it’s busiest when people are on their way to and from work and at the beginning and end of the school day. This can cause a lot of traffic queues so may not be the best time to take a test, though being caught in traffic during a test has it’s advantages. So long as you don’t hit the car in front time will just tick away without the opportunity to commit any faults.

Learning to deal with busy driving.

Remember the time shown for a journey on internet route planners or on your sat nav does not take into account traffic congestion. Make sure you allow plenty of extra time for your journey. It can be maddening to be sitting in traffic when you’ve got to be somewhere else. Drivers are prone to make snap decisions to gain advantage without really thinking them through so be prepared for sudden moves from other drivers. If you’ve had enough and you leave the traffic queue by a side road your sat nav will reprogram another route but be aware that they are notorious for sending people the wrong way down one way streets. Always check for signs and markings.

Don’t be getting your mobile phone out to text ahead while the engine is running. It’s illegal even if you are sat still in traffic. Use a hands free kit for the call or get a passenger to do it for you. If you have a driving lesson and you end up in traffic do not despair. Keep calm while your friendly instructor thinks up another route and you make your escape.

Congestion is controlled on motorways by means of variable speed limits. You will see these displayed on the overhead gantry signs. Make sure you obey these and stay in the left hand lane unless you’re overtaking. When traffic is super busy it can often be the left hand lane which is moving faster. This can be very annoying if you moved to the right hand lane thinking that it was going to be quicker. Don’t think you’re missing out or the world is against you. It only seems like the other lanes are moving faster. Happy days.

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