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The Haunting of George’s Lane

Ghosts on the Road in Nottingham

After starting driving lessons with a new pupil in Nottingham I have been introduced to a haunted road. George’s Lane near Calverton has a longdriving instructors nottingham ghosts tradition of spooky goings on. After some research at the Calverton Ghost Stories website I am certainly intrigued. Let’s have a look at some of the cases.
George’s Lane is frightening enough from a purely driving perspective. Many accidents have occurred on the road owing to it being a windy road with many blind corners. Deadly if you meet a bus coming the other way. The road is unlit adding to the spooky nature and ramping up the danger level for the unwary driver. Add the wet weather we’re having at the moment and it’s a recipe for disaster which must be handled with care.
So what’s been happening down there? A mysterious figure in a black robe has been seen on several occasions since the 1930s. With a hood masking the face except for a large hook nose it has terrified those out walking when the clock chimes midnight. The figure chased a Mr Lawrence Bardill for some distance and he was ill for several days afterwards. Could this have been someone with a coat on walking along who happened to have a big nose? I’ll let you decide. Pedestrians would be well advised to wear a high vis tabbard and carry a torch to avoid being run over or being mistaken for a supernatural entity.

Maybe there’s a haunted driving school.

Some local taxi drivers refuse to use the road and always take another route. You can hardly blame them when motorists have seen a figure in black sitting in the back seat of their car. Apparently the figure disappears when you turn round to look and can only be seen in the rear view mirror. I wouldn’t advise taking your eyes off the road on George’s Lane, even with a ghost on the back seat. You’re just asking to smash into the trees if you do that. Pull up safely, apply the handbrake and then look for the ghost.
In 1977 eerie mists were seen along the road the road as well as swirling black vapour. As country roads are prone to thick patches of fog I hardly think this is paranormal. Unlike the time in 1992 when villagers Bill and Allison saw a pair of legs, just legs mind, clad in white riding breeches running across the road. No easy explanation here. It happened as a bus was coming the other way so big potential for an accident. Could have been a large duck or swan, could have been a pair of ghost legs.
If you are brave enough to venture along George’s lane I would make sure you keep your speed down on the bends. Make sure your windscreen is clean of smears and put your headlights on as soon as it gets gloomy. Don’t wait for it to get too dark. Position well to the left to avoid oncoming traffic and don’t be distracted by ghosts.
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