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Eco Driving for Fun and Profit

Save Cash and keep your car happy with Eco driving

If you want to save money on fuel and help protect the world we live in then get yourself an economical driving style. You will learn about thiseco driving lessons nottingham during driving lessons and it’s also an item that’s marked on the driving test. What does eco driving involve and how can you get some I hear you ask?

Environmental issues are all over the television and internet so we’re all aware of how we are harming the planet. You can do your bit to help by driving in a way that cuts down on pollution and uses less natural resources. As well as being safer on the road you will help look after your vehicle as well. Pedestrians with breathing difficulties can suffer from the low level pollution caused by burning fossil fuels like petrol and diesel.

If you want to drive in an environmentally friendly way you’ll have to practice looking well ahead and planning your drive. If you do this you’ll make the most use of the car’s momentum and have less need to use the accelerator and brakes. Keep a good distance from the vehicle ahead so when things slow down you can just let the car roll instead of stopping and moving off again. Only a fool breaks the two second rule as they say.

Why not take an Eco- driving lesson?

When you move off try to do it smoothly without over revving the engine. This can be hard to do when you are moving off uphill. Too many revs can also lead to clutch wear which can be expensive. Keep a smooth engine tone whether you are moving off uphill or on a level. Taking your foot off the gas when driving down hill can save fuel without compromising safety but don’t coast with the clutch in. This may lead to loss of control of the vehicle. If you are waiting for any length of time then it may be worth turning off the engine. This can be the case at level crossings. If you do switch off the engine, watch the lights and anticipate when traffic will begin to move again. This will allow you to switch the engine back on in good time.

When I’ve finished giving driving lessons I always take the roof sign off my car as it produces a lot of drag. There are things you can do to reduce drag and therefore fuel consumption in your own vehicle. Don’t keep heavy items you’re not going to need in the boot. Remove them to make the car lighter. Take off the roof rack if you’ve got one fitted and won’t be using it for some time. If it’s mainly short journeys you make only half fill the fuel tank each time. Carrying the weight of a full tank makes the engine work harder than it needs to. At slower speeds open the windows instead of using the air conditioning.

Keep the car as light as possible, use the controls smoothly and combine this with good forward planning to save pounds on fuel over the years to come.

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