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Defensive Driving lessons in
Nottingham. Stay safe on the road with an advanced driving instructor in

This more complete course of advanced driving lessons
Nottingham is suitable for those who are entering employment which will include occupational driving, or simply anyone who wishes to bring their skills up to date, saving fuel and enjoying greater safety in the process. You can take this course in your own car or one provided by my driving school in Nottingham and I will start the course from the place of your choosing. It may have been a long time since you went out with any of the driving instructors Nottingham but don’t worry, this is not a test. The object is to help you as a driver in developing your skills to a higher degree.

You will need to provide:-

  1. A roadworthy vehicle
  2. Your complete driving licence
  3. MOT certificate if applicable
  4. Insurance certificate.

This course begins with some basic safety checks on the vehicle and a run through of the questions used on the DSA driving test. It’s
important that you know the basics of car care. We will then take a look at your documents, making sure that vehicle insurance is in
order and you are properly licensed.

We will then do a short assessment drive to see where you may have any weaknesses and how they can be strengthened, this will help me to structure the course to suit your needs and focus on any areas you may have difficulty with. Taking this approach ensures you get the maximum benefit from the course.

Defensive driving course in Nottingham.

We will then begin your defensive driver training based on
techniques used in the DSA guide to driving – the essential skills.

We will look at:

  • Drivers attitude to risk
  • The system of car control – flexible use of the hazard routine
  • Observation and forward planning
  • Drivers signals and positioning
  • Overtaking
  • Motorways

We will explore these elements of your drive in a relaxed coaching style. It will not be like your old driving lessons in Nottingham. After all, you aren’t taking a test. We will also look at eco-driving elements to save you fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Defensive driving school in Nottingham.

I’ve enjoyed running this course for companies who wish to improve one of their driver’s skills. Sometimes it’s because they are Where-Can-I-Find-a-Defensive-Driving-Course-in-Nottinghampicking up too many penalty points and risk a ban.
Others because those small accidents are
increasing the company’s insurance premiums. If a company has a liveried fleet of vehicles then poor driving can be a form of negative advertising.

There is plenty of time to analyse the weaknesses some drivers have and take some form of remedial action. I had one guy who had no
problem at all on rural roads and his motorway drive was to a really high standard. Once we hit Nottingham city centre though it was a different story. The lack of ability in reading signs in advance nearly resulted in us driving down a 24 hour bus lane. Poor anticipation when passing parked vehicles brought us close to a couple of scrapes. After pulling over and talking about the issues we began to put it right with some coaching on those forward observations. There was some nice improvement before the end of the course.

I just did one today with a driver who had totted up 12 points and the firm he works for wanted him to be assessed. I’ve got to say the drive was to a very good standard. Pressure of getting to a job on time over long distances could have led to the speeding fines. We worked on staying in the left hand lane as well as some late
signalling. Again some great improvement took place and the driver was happier for it.

At the end of the course your driving will be re-assessed and a
written report given to you with advice on how to further improve your driving.

Cost of the 4 hour course is £120.00 inc report.

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