Refresher Driving Courses


Refresher driving lessons in Nottingham. Regain your skills and confidence with your driving instructor in Nottingham.

refresher driving course nottingham

You don’t have to be taking a test to have refresher driving lessons in
Arnold, Bulwell, Sherwood,
Bestwood, Basford, Forest Fields,
Aspley, Carlton, Mapperley, Bilborough, Top Valley and Nottingham City
Centre. This course is designed to gently ease you back behind the wheel. After a while your skills will begin to deteriorate if it has been a long time since practising with any driving schools
Nottingham. As one of the advanced driving instructors
Nottingham I can assess your current standard of driving and see what needs to be done to bring you back up to standard so you are safe and comfortable on the road. Whether you take one hour or ten the choice is yours. These sessions are very useful if you:-

  • Have not driven for a while
  • Need to regain your confidence after an accident
  • Need to make sure you are up to speed if you are helping a friend  or relative to drive
  • Would like to generally improve the standard of your driving
  • Would like to drive in a more eco-friendly style.

Get back on the road with my driving school in Nottingham.

A short course of refresher driving lessons Nottingham can boost your confidence, make you safer on the road and save you money on running costs. If there is some part of driving you are not sure about then you can have a session specifically tailored to your
requirements. If you need to practice parking, driving on motorways,
driving in snow or anything else you are interested in then sessions concentrating on the topics of your choice are no problem. Contact me via this website or give me a call to book yours.

I like doing refresher driving lessons. It’s good to watch people get their confidence back after being off the road for a while. Usually it’s because they have got a new job and need to drive for work. Some people do it in their own car and some people use mine. The choice is yours. Normally it only takes a few sessions for a person to feel that they are alright to be driving on their own again. I like to build things up starting in a quieter area and then moving on to the Nottingham city centre. A bit of practice at parking and you’re good to go. Do as much or as little as you please.

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