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Driving lessons Nottingham videos. Made for you by Russ Chaplin, driving
instructor in Nottingham.

In the first of my driving lessons Nottingham videos we will look at mirror use and moving off & stopping. It is one of the first topics you will cover during driving lessons in Bulwell, Arnold, Sherwood, Bestwood, Basford, Forest Fields, Aspley, Bilborough, Mapperley, Carlton and Nottingham City Centre. It comes right after the
controls have been explained. This is where you learn all about the clutch bite as well as how to steer. Moving off and stopping will take quite a bit of practise with Nottingham driving instructors to get right.

Here’s the second of my driving lesson videos which deals with meeting and passing other vehicles. You will need to do this when driving on narrow roads with parked cars. Nottingham driving schools in Arnold, Bulwell, Sherwood, Mapperley, Carlton,
Bilborough and Nottingham City Centre will all teach this topic. You will normally meet oncoming vehicles on narrow streets with lots of parked cars so it can seem a little daunting at first. Just remember that you will need to co-operate with other drivers if we’re all going to get where we’re going. Make sure to plan well ahead and be sure of the basic rules on who has priority.

The third driving lesson video can be seen on the home page. This deals with turning left and right at junctions. One of the more
complex driving subjects. There is a lot to do when dealing with
junctions. The mirrors, signal, manoeuvre routine is expanded into MSPSL as you learn greater control of the vehicle. Judgement of speed and distance come into play as well as looking well ahead for other vehicles and pedestrians. Always look in the direction you
intend to turn and not over the bonnet. A lot of people do that and it leads to wide steering and hitting the kerb. Not to mention being
unaware of other cars until the very last second. The video will show you what to do.

You will practise these topics with my driving school in Nottingham.

Fourth in my series of driving lesson videos is emerging at T
junctions which can be among the toughest of your Notttingham driving lessons. The mirror, signal, manoeuvre routine gets
expanded again to include LADA. The skills you learned when
turning come into play with even greater low speed control as you reach the give way line. Make sure you swivel your head and take a good look both ways on the main road before you emerge.
Remember if there is a Stop sign then you MUST stop. Even if you think the junction is clear. That’s sometimes an issue on test. Keep the car slow as you approach the give way line so you can Look,
Assess, Decide and Act upon what you see.

Here’s the fifth of my driving lesson videos. The Crossroads
topic has a lot of information as you will see from this video. The skills you learned both for turning and emerging will come into play here. Car control remains the same but there is so much to look out for. Oncoming traffic always has priority when you are turning right so make sure you have a suitable gap before making the turn. Major box junctions with filter arrows can take some getting used to as they require confidence and good timing. The offside to offside and nearside to nearside methods of crossing may seem a little complex but with practice you’ll soon get used to it. This video will help you to remember all the details between your driving lessons in

In the sixth of my driving lesson videos we will deal with
roundabouts. Larger roundabouts can be a challenge for driving schools in Nottingham so good planning and lane discipline will need to be understood. This video will show you the basic rules with a demonstration of standard and multi-lane roundabouts. Positioning is important at roundabouts. Stay to the left for going left and ahead and stick to the right for going right. If there are lanes then make sure you see the signs early and get into lane in good time. Changing lanes last second on a major roundabout can be well dodgy. If it’s busy then you probably won’t get a chance to change lane. Mini roundabouts require you to watch all the exits so you can fit in with the flow. Avoid using them to turn all the way round, they’re not
really big enough.

These videos fit in with how I teach driving in

Seventh in my driving lesson videos is all about pedestrian crossings. Very important as you don’t want to run anyone over during your driving lessons in Nottingham. It’s amazing how many people have not heard of the Puffin or Toucan crossings, which are explained here. You’ve probably used them as a pedestrian yourself and never paid them much attention. The Pegasus crossing is even more
obscure and only found near horse stables so you’ll be lucky if you see one. People are becoming less careful about crossing the road and don’t always look so make sure you’ve got your eyes peeled as you drive up to the Zebra. This video will show you the different types and how to approach them. Keep a good lookout for
vulnerable road users.

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Driving lessons Nottingham by Russ Chaplin. Driving instructor training for driving schools Nottingham.