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Learner driving lessons in Nottingham. Quality tuition from your local
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Pass your Driving test in fewer driving
lessons Nottingham with advanced
driving instructor Russ Chaplin. Take your driving lessons in Bulwell, Arnold,
Sherwood, Bestwood, Basford, Forest Fields, Aspley, Bilborough, Mapperley, Carlton and surrounding areas of Nottingham. Think of the
freedom and independence you will gain when you trained with nottingham driving schools and learned to drive. Improved job prospects and sense of satisfaction will be yours when you pass the driving test and get your driving license.

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driving instructors in nottinghamI am an Advanced Driving Instructor qualified with the driving instructors association. I have over 13 years
experience to help you achieve your goal of passing the driving test in the minimum number of driving lessons possible. No time is
wasted as you learn at a level you can manage while making
maximum progress. Nervous learner drivers can be assured of a
supportive approach, learning to drive at your own pace. After
thirteen years of teaching driving in Nottingham I have worked with a wide range of people from all walks of life. All driving tuition is
tailored to your needs as you advance through the structured course my driving school offers, covering the whole driving test

The Syllabus for the DSA Driving test includes:-

  • Moving off on level, uphill gradient and downhill incline roads safely                                     driving instructors nottingham
  • Changing gears properly and choosing the correct gear
  • Turning right and left at junctions
  • Dealing with all types of roundabouts
  • Using proper signals to inform others
  • Interacting with other vehicles on all types of roads
  • Driving at the speed limit on Dual carriageways
  • Demonstrating the Turn in the Road manoeuvre
  • Reversing around a corner
  • Park your car behind another at the kerb
  • Reverse into a parking bay
  • Emergency stop exercise
  • Show me tell me questions

By following a properly structured course of driving lessons
Nottingham you will efficiently and achieve your goal of passing the driving test and learning safe driving for life.

Practise for the test with driving instructors in Nottingham.

Some things you should know if you practice with family and friends while taking driving lessons Nottingham

  • Only  practice with someone if you both feel confident enough to go on the road without your Nottingham driving instructor.
  • Read the Highway Code and Driving the Essential Skills before starting to practice
  • Learner drivers must hold a valid provisional licence
  • You must have a valid insurance certificate before driving
    the vehicle
  • You must be supervised by someone at least 21 years old who holds a full EC/EEA licence for that type of car
  • Your vehicle must display red L plates to the front and rear of the car
  • The L plates must conform to legal specifications and must clearly be visible to others from in front and behind
  • The L plates must be removed or covered when not being driven by a learner (except on Nottingham driving school vehicles)
  • You must pass the theory test and the
    practical driving test
    before driving unaccompanied
  • Do not drive on the motorway, provisional licence holders are not permitted to go on these roads until they have passed the practical driving test.

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If you wish to pass your test in a limited timescale check out my Intensive driving course
After passing your test it is a good idea to further
develop your driving skills. I offer training for Pass Plus and also Motorway driving lessons. Those who have passed the driving test and not driven for some time may require refresher driving
lessons Nottingham 
. Those who need to take the Extended driving test will need specialist training. Don’t forget to revise the Show me Tell me questions.


Driving lessons Nottingham by Russ Chaplin. Driving instructor training for driving schools Nottingham.