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The 3 Part ADI Qualifying Exam. Get ready to give driving lessons in

The exam you need to pass is in three parts – The theory test, The test of eyesight and driving ability and the test of your ability to
instruct. Try not to think of this as 3 separate exams. You should think of it as one exam in three parts with each part leading on to the next. First you need the knowledge of your subject, then you need to demonstrate that knowledge before finally teaching it to someone else. Each part builds on the last. If you don’t learn your stuff from the very start then it can make life more difficult for parts two and three. With a positive approach and a willingness to study and
practise you should have little difficulty becoming a fully qualified driving instructor. Let’s have a look at the three parts.

Part 1 Computer based theory and hazard perception test

You will need to be fully prepared before you can teach people to drive. The first part of the driving instructor training qualifying
process is the theory and hazard perception test. The test takes place at one of the listed test centres at a time booked by you. There are 100 multiple choice questions and 14 hazard perception video clips. This test is fully explained in the ADI 14 booklet. Make sure you read the materials in this list before you attempt part 1. It’s very important that you have a good basic knowledge of your subject. Take your time studying and enjoy it.

Reading list:-

  1. The Highway Code
  2. DSA guide to Driving – The essential skills
  3. The Official DSA guide to learning to drive
  4. Know your traffic signs
  5. The Driving Instructors Handbook
  6. Driving Test Success All Test DVD ROM

While you are studying for the part 1 theory test we will assess your driving for the second part.


Get some practise with my Nottingham
driving school.

Part 2 Test of eyesight and driving ability

This test is conducted at nominated DSA centres. Only a certain number of test centres have an examiner for the part 2 driving test.It consists of an eyesight test where you will read a number plate at a distance of 27.5 metres. This is longer than the distance used for the L test which is 20.5 metres. Time to check that your glasses are up to the job. There will follow 5 vehicle safety questions of a ‘show me tell me’ format. You can go through these on the Show me Tell me page of this website.  After you pass the eyesight check you will take the test of driving ability which is of an
advanced nature. You are only allowed 5 minor faults and absolutely no serious or dangerous faults if you are going to succeed. You will need good quality structured training with an ORDIT registered trainer to pass this part of the exam.

Prepare to become a qualified driving instructor.

Part 3 Test of instructional ability.

This is by far the most involved part of the exam and you will
definitely need sufficient one to one training to ensure you are
prepared. It’s important that you get plenty of training for this part. You must show that you can deliver a top quality lesson to anyone who books with you. Any ability and any kind of person. The use of role play can take some getting used to but put the effort in and you’ll be fine. Classroom tuition is totally inadequate for this part of the exam. You’ve got to be out on the road doing it. With Russ
Chaplin DipDI Driver and Instructor training all your tuition for part 3 is in-car practical tuition. I like to work one-to-one so we can work on the things you need to learn. This is a test of your ability to
instruct learner drivers and will require effort and commitment from both you and me!

And that’s it. You are now a fully qualified instructor and ready to teach the world to drive. You have all the knowledge and skills you need for your new life on the road. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Go for it!

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