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So you want to become a Driving
Instructor in Nottingham?


To get started on your path to a new career you will need the ADI starter pack (ADI 14) which can be teach-people-to-drivedownloaded Here. This document will guide you through the registration
process and give you
information on the role of the Registrar and the Driving
Standards Agency . Make sure you read it and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

The role teaching others to drive can be a demanding but also be a very rewarding career. It goes beyond teaching the mechanical skills needed to drive a car. You will need to ensure that your pupils have a sound knowledge and understanding of all aspects of safe driving. You can draw on your own experience as a driver as well as the new knowledge and expertise you will gain by taking driving instructor training in Nottingham. It may seem like hard work at first but once you get the feel of it you will enjoy teaching people to drive. I know I do.

Your new career giving driving lessons in Nottingham.

After reading the ADI 14 document and deciding that a career teaching driving is for you, you will need to apply to the Registrar and register as a potential driving instructor which you can do online Here. Make sure you read the document carefully and understand the contents. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I am only too happy to help.

You will usually need to obtain a Criminal Records Disclosure (CRB Check) before you register as a Potential Driving Instructor which you can do by phoning TMG CRG on 0845 251 5000. Last time I did this was a couple of weeks ago. It’s dead easy. Go online at the CRB check website and fill in the form saying what documents you will show from the list. You then print off the page which has loads of bar codes on it. Simply take the documents and the bar code sheet down to the post office and they will do the rest.

Preparing to work with driving schools in Nottingham.

While you are waiting for your CRB check to be done so you can
apply to be included on the register you can get a head start on
studying for your new career. Watch the videos on this website. That’s me giving a briefing and a talk through on various subjects
included on the learning to drive syllabus. this is the sort of thing you will be doing once you’re up and running. When you drive around in your car practice talking yourself through what you’re doing. that will be good practice for when you are teaching pupils and talking them through things.

Get yourself some books. You can order them from Amazon quite cheaply. The Highway Code is a must-read. You’ll need to know this stuff and be sure of your knowledge. Nothing more embarrassing than a pupil asking a question and you don’t know the answer. You can always set the question as homework and dodge it that way.
Seriously though, you need to know the Highway Code. Also get the Driving Instructors Handbook. This is the standard text and contains just about everything you’ll need to know about driving instruction. Everything from the ADI qualifying exams to the basics of how a car works is included. It’s a bit dry and official sounding but plough on.

Another thing you can do is test your knowledge of the driving
theory test. there’s an app on this site for you to start having a go at. Keep going until you can pass comfortably every time. The Driving Test Success DVD ROM is a good purchase as it contains the theory test question bank for the ADI part 1 exam. You can get a head start by studying this and then book your Part 1 theory test as soon as you are eligible. So don’t delay, start today and you’re on your way to a new life as a fully qualified driving instructor!

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