Trainee Licence


ADI Trainee licence to instruct. Gain
experience while giving driving lessons in Nottingham.

The trainee licence allows candidates to
deliver driver training for payment whilst
preparing for the part 3 instructional
ability test. This allows you to get real experience while charging for driving lessons. It should not be looked at as a long term arrangement. It’s too easy to get comfortable while working and lose focus on passing the
qualifying exam. If used properly however it is a powerful way to perfect your skills. You do not need to have a trainee licence if you can get the required amount of practice with family and friends. You cannot legally charge for driving instruction unless you have a
trainee licence or are fully qualified. The trainee licence lasts for 6 months and allows you to charge for lessons. There are many people who have passed their test with a trainee instructor. if you have done sufficient study and had lots of practise then there’s no reason why you can’t deliver perfectly good driving lessons to the general public. Teach them properly and they will be happy.

Gaining real experience with Nottingham driving schools.

In order to qualify for the ADI trainee licence and work for payment you must be considered a fit and proper person. As you will have
already undergone a CRB check this shouldn’t be a problem. You must take the required amount of training as shown in the
guidelines which can he viewed Here. You must be careful not to mislead the public and advertise yourself as being fully qualified. People generally don’t enquire as to whether an instructor is fully qualified but if asked then you must not tell them you are qualified. Whenever you are teaching you must display your licence in the
bottom nearside corner of your windscreen. You can only give
instruction for the establishment shown on the licence, you can’t go and set up your own school until you are qualified. If you change schools mid way through the licence then you must re apply for a new licence showing the current school. You can still teach while your licence is being changed.

Work as a driving instructor on a trainee licence. Here’s the conditions –

You must have taken a minimum of 40 hours training and recorded it on the form ADI21T which can be downloaded Here.

There are 2 ways you can use when operating under a trainee

1. You can be supervised by a sponsoring ADI for 20 percent of the lessons that you do. If you take this option you will need to record the number of lessons given and the total number supervised on the ADI 21S licensed supervision trainee form which can be
downloaded Here.

2. You can take a further 20 hours of training in the topics shown in the training programme. A record of this training must be kept on the form ADI21AT which can be downloaded Here.

If you are not successful in your first attempt at the ADI part 3 exam then you will have to undergo an additional 5 hours of training
before a second attempt. The same is required should you fail on the second attempt before taking a third.

Upon passing the part 3 examination you will be a full qualified ADI and ready for your new career! Nothing can stop you once you have the green badge. You can work with a school or go it alone. The world’s your oyster once you have passed. Don’t hesitate to contact me should you require any more information.

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West Lothian Driving Instructors Association

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