Eco-Safe Driving Course


Eco Safe driving lessons in Nottingham. Save money with your friendly driving instructor in Nottingham.

This two hour course of eco-friendly driver training  in Nottingham is for those who are concerned about rising running costs owing to
increased fuel prices and wish to adopt a smoother, safer and more economical driving style.

Eco-driving is a way of driving that reduces fuel consumption,
greehouse gas emissions and accident rates. It’s a smart, smooth and safe driving technique which relies on forward planning and skillful use of the controls which can lead to fuel savings of 10 to 25%
according to studies by the energy saving trust. This course may be taken in your own car if you wish feel free to use mine.

This course looks at:-

  • Basic vehicle upkeep to save fuel
  • Active scanning of hazards to allow time to act
  • Reading the road ahead to avoid excessive acceleration and braking
  • Best use of gears
  • Best use of speed on various roads

Save the world with an eco safe driving course in Nottingham.

There are things you can do to save fuel as part of your everyday driving. If you only make regular short journeys then only half fill your petrol tank. This will make the car lighter resulting in less fuel being used. Make sure you remove any items from the boot that you don’t need. If you have a roof rack remove it when not in use to avoid drag. If you are driving at less than 50mph open the windows instead of using the air conditioning. At high speeds air con is more efficient than open windows which produce drag. Don’t leave your car stood still to warm up in cold weather, scrape off the windscreen and get moving as soon as possible.

Safe and smooth with my Nottingham driving School.

The greatest savings are to be made in the way you drive. If you’re like me and you don’t like to pay for petrol then you need to use as little as possible. Having a good, economical driving style will go a long way to achieving this. I always drive in the highest gear possible for the speed I’m doing. I use to drive in 3rd gear at 30mph but now if there is a long uninterrupted stretch up ahead then I’ll shift up to 4th. Keeping the engine speed down really does save some cash. No point speeding up to slow back down so if the lights are red in the distance then don’t race ahead to reach them. Off the gas and let’s get there later as possible. This way they may change back to green before you arrive and you won’t have to stop at all. Saves time and money. ‘If you look ahead you’ll save some bread’ is what I like to say. Almost everything in eco driving comes from good observations and forward planning. If you always stare at the road over the
bonnet you’ll react late to hazards. This increases your level of risk and costs you money. I love eco driving me.

This 2 hour course includes a written report provided at the end along with advice on how to further develop your ecodriving skills.


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