The Theory Test

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Study for the Theory Test when you begin driving lessons in Nottingham.

Many people ask when they should begin studying for the driving theory test. Some think that you should have a few driving lessons first, then start studying. I think it is best to start with theory study as soon as you start driving lessons in Nottingham. You will gain a lot of confidence with a little knowledge. When you see the traffic signs and know what some of them mean then you will feel better about your driving and ultimately get to the practical driving test quicker and be a safer driver afterwards. You will achieve optimum learning with a good mix of theory and practice. That is how I teach with my Nottingham driving school. Sound knowledge of the speed
limits, pedestrian crossings, road markings and signs, also a knowledge of car maintenance and what to do at the scene of an
accident all make for a stronger learning experience.

It’s not too difficult to pass the driving theory test so long as you get some practise in. I’ve had people doing degrees at university who did not pass because they studied for about 10 minutes on the day of the test. If you put some time into it you should be fine. Make sure you have a copy of the Highway Code. It’s not the most interesting book in the world so I recommend reading it regularly in short bursts of ten minutes. Have a break then do it again. There’s a lot of
information which you will need to know in order to pass both the theory and practical driving tests. I think it best if you start to study for the theory test as soon as you start your driving lessons. Knowledge is power and you will gain a lot of confidence when you understand more about the rules and regulations of driving. It’s good to use a CD ROM so that you can practise the test in the same format you take it on the day.


Put your knowledge into practise with
driving instructors in Nottingham.

On the day get to the theory test centre in plenty of time. You don’t want to be stressed out wondering if you’re going to make it. Find out the location of the test centre in advance as well. No point
getting lost is there? There is a very generous time limit to the
driving theory test so don’t rush things. A common mistake is to not read the question properly. Some questions require two answers so if you only pick one them you’ll lose marks. Common sense plays a big part in getting the answers right. Some of the
multiple choice answers are so daft they couldn’t possibly be right. Newer questions are about what to do at accident scenes and
towing vehicles. Make sure you’re up to date on these subjects. Good luck!

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