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Where-Can-I-Find-Advanced-Driving-Instructors-NottinghamThe Diamond Special test is aimed at those who work within the road safety industry and wish to test their advanced driving to an
especially high standard. You can prepare for this by training with Diamond advanced driving
instructors in Nottingham.
Candidates will be asked to
provide two short sections of commentary during the drive. This may take some practise to develop. The test is conducted over a longer route than the advanced test at 20 – 25 miles and only two driving faults are permitted, they cannot be a repeated fault. This is an ideal test for ADIs who which to develop their driving as part of CPD. It is also required in conjunction with the diploma in driver education for those who wish to become Diamond advanced
driving instructors.

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I have passed the Diamond Special Test a couple of times now. I like to know my own standard of driving is up to the mark. The test
requires a certain amount of commitment to theory and practise. The first time I passed was a few years ago in Rotherham with
Malcolm Bailey as my examiner. I was dying for the loo after about 15 minutes which made the entire thing hard going. Maybe it helped me to focus. I don’t know.

My car had just had new brake pads fitted the day before which made the braking a bit bitey. This would prove a issue on the debrief. One of my faults was not overtaking a group of lorries on the
motorway and tucking into the left hand lane too early. Failure to make reasonable progress in test terms. Always a tough call that one. If you go for the overtake you risk missing your exit altogether and that’s no good at all. Still, only a minor fault.

The rest of the drive went OK. Some speed limit signs had spun round on their poles and were fairly visible. A lot of rural roads were included. As I’m mainly a city driver I found this quite tough. Passed though so everything came up roses in the end.

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I took the Diamond Special Test again a couple of years ago as it has a three year life span now. Malcolm Bailey was my examiner on this one. I thought I’d take the test to see where any weaknesses were and then I’d know what to work on. Sure enough I failed with one major fault concerning road markings. Traffic was bumper to
bumper and the markings were faded which meant I saw it at the last second with little time to react, going straight ahead instead of turning left. Ah well. I used too many gear changes throughout the test as well. Very inefficient.

I booked another attempt for a couple of weeks later and having worked on the problem areas I managed to pass. Again rural roads figured heavily. One incident with a young horse rider was handled expertly by me (ha.) and there were far less gear changes
throughout the drive. I was very pleased to have passed the test and would urge anyone else to do the same.

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