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Feeling The Pressure on Driving Lessons

Other drivers aren’t out to get you

It’s always surprising how the performance of some people taking driving lessons can differ from one area to another. Many pupils driving lessons nottingham pressurewho have mastered the art of moving off and stopping in a quiet area can suddenly start to have difficulty as soon as there is more traffic around. Even learners who are good at moving off uphill and at an angle can become serial stallers as soon as we leave the quiet estate and enter the traffic flow. This can also happen when you are driving accompanied by a friend or relative.

The car controls stay the same wherever you are. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the middle of nowhere or there are a million cars behind you, the clutch movement remains exactly the same. Your skill levels will not suddenly drop. You will be as good on a busy road as you are on a quiet street. So what’s the problem?

Imagined pressure from other drivers effects most learners at one point or another. Picturing the person behind getting really annoyed at being held up can reduce a learner to a gibbering wreck. It’s so easy to start mind reading other drivers and imagining the worst. In the vast majority of cases there is no truth in this at all. Nearly all drivers will happily wait a few seconds for you to move off so take your time. You’ll always get the odd one who becomes impatient but that’s life.

Trust your driving instructor. No-one is out to get you.

Remember it takes a lot longer to rush, stall the engine, restart the engine and go than it does to move off once at a speed you can manage. Don’t let the tension build at a red light. Check the rear view mirror and you’ll see the driver behind is probably staring into space or picking their nose. Knowing they are not staring you down will go a long way to putting you at ease.

Imagined pressure from behind can also effect decision making. Particularly when emerging at junctions or when confronted by the yellow box at a crossroads. Make sure you wait at T junctions for a gap you are comfortable with. Remember you have every right to be on the road and being a learner doesn’t mean you have to get out of everybody else’s way. If you move out in front of other traffic the person behind won’t be responsible .

Always make sure you can clear the yellow box junction. The pressure you feel to go across is nothing to what you’ll feel if you end up stuck in the junction when the lights change and you’re blocking traffic from the other direction. In this case other drivers might well glare at you. Take it easy.

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