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My name is Russ Chaplin. I am a DSA approved driving instructor giving driving lessons in Nottingham. I hold the Diploma in Driving Instruction and have passed both the Diamond Advanced and Special driving tests, qualifying me as a Diamond advanced Instructor. I am ORDIT registered to deliver all parts of the Approved driving instructors Nottingham qualifying exams as well as Check test re-assessment and training for other driving schools Nottingham. I teach driving at all levels and also deliver the Pass Plus post-test training course.

I Love Teaching Driving

Love driving lessons in Nottingham
We all love learning to drive in Nottingham

Teaching people to drive in Nottingham is such a great job to do. Every day I get to meet interesting people from all walks of life. There is never a dull moment when you work as a driving instructor. Learning to drive can be a real journey for both me and my pupils. People are generally quite nervous in the beginning. Don’t worry, this is all perfectly normal. There would definitely be something wrong if you didn’t feel a few nerves the first time you got behind the wheel of a car.  Those nerves will soon disappear as you begin to enjoy the feeling of making your way on the road. I like to progress at a pace that you can handle without too much stress. Everyone is different and it’s great to get to know a new pupil and work with them to find out how they best like to learn. Driving lessons should be enjoyable so I like to maintain a friendly atmosphere during lessons. We won’t waste time but there certainly won’t be any rushing ahead and giving you more than you can handle. There’s nothing worse than a driving instructor who get’s too pushy.  Many of my pupils have challenging careers themselves or are busy studying hard at university so can handle a good amount of challenge but we never try to overdo it. I like to use a Skoda Fabia as my training car. I’ve had 5 in a row now. It’s super friendly to drive. Nice easy to handle controls and a seat that actually does fit all sizes. I’ve had tiny pupils and people well over six feet tall in the car and all are seated comfortably. You don’t want a car that’s too big to handle but nobody wants to be cramped up in a toy car. I find the Skoda to be just right. I always use a petrol engine car as I find Diesel cars tend to pull around corners too quick without using the accelerator and generally vibrate too much. I use a manual gearbox as well. It’s better to have a manual licence as you can then drive automatics as well after your test if you prefer. Gives you the best of both worlds. I get a real sense of satisfaction when people pass their driving test. Not everyone passes first time. Sometimes nerves get the better of them on the day and they need to try again. This is nothing to worry about. It just means a bit more time and extra cost. As you will be driving for many years a few more extra lessons is never a bad thing. What I can promise is that you will be fully prepared when the day comes and you will be fine on the road when you have passed. Everybody gets there in the end. Sometimes I will see past pupils out on the road driving their own cars and that always gives me a good feeling. When you have passed your test you could always try a bit of motorway driving before you take the plunge yourself. You could do it as part of the pass plus course or just do a couple of hours to get used to motorways. I often do refresher driving lessons for people who have not driven for a while and have just got a new car. Sometimes people learned to drive in a quiet town and need to get up to speed on the busy streets of Nottingham. There’s always something different in my working day. After fourteen years I am still going strong and look forward to my work each day. Driving instruction is certainly the job for me! love driving lessons Nottingham love driving instructors Nottingham

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