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What Makes a Good Driver?

Take a positive approach

So you’ve finally got your driving licence. You have passed the theory test to show that you have a good knowledge of the rules of the value driving lessons nottinghamroad. You’ve taken driving lessons in Nottingham and passed the practical test which shows you can handle a car and apply what you have learned to your everyday driving. However, there are other things which help define the good driver.

One of the most important factors is your overall attitude. An aggressive attitude will add to the stress of driving and make you more of a danger to yourself and those around you. Driving decisions will be rushed and you are more likely to display a poor attitude towards other motorists, perhaps becoming confrontational. By keeping a relaxed and positive attitude you will enjoy the pleasure of motoring and interact with other drivers in a much safer manner..

As a driver you are also responsible for the safety of your passengers. When it comes to wearing a seatbelt, you will be legally responsible for anyone under the age of 14 and must insure that they are safely strapped in. The way in which you drive will effect the comfort and safety of your passengers. Some people are nervous when being driven around and others may tend to be car sick. If you have a driving style that involves lots of harsh acceleration and braking then they aren’t going to have a good time. A smooth, well planned drive will keep everyone much happier

It’s essential that you are tolerant towards other drivers. If you are driving a car it’s all too easy to become angry towards cyclists and other slow moving vehicles. Keep calm and give them plenty of space. People make mistakes and always will so tolerance is a must. Letting others know you are angry by driving closely and trying to force them out of the way is a very dangerous game. Don’t forget that you will make driving mistakes like we all do and you wouldn’t want to be punished for them. Take a lenient attitude towards the mistakes of others and hopefully they’ll do the same for you.

Practice these qualities during driving lessons.

When it comes to Concentration, young drivers seem to be particularly vulnerable. As we become bored with a task the mind naturally drifts off. This can be seen when the traffic lights turn green and the lead driver is sat there staring into space until someone gives them a honk of the horn. Try to stay with it. If you are feeling tired or unwell then levels of concentration will be naturally lower. This is made worse if you are taking medication. A disciplined approach to driving will help keep you actively interested and enhance your ability to concentrate for longer periods.

You need to pay attention to what is happening all around so you can anticipate what may happen next. Poor observations make a driver who only reacts at the very last second. Stay one step ahead by constantly asking yourself what might happen next and planning for the unexpected. This way you will not be surprised. Remember, surprise is a hallmark of the poorly planned drive..

All these driver qualities are underpinned by the virtue of patience. If you don’t show patience then all the other things which make a good driver are more or less impossible. Combining all the above qualities will help you to become a top level driver. Getting a lift in your car will become a pleasure. Other drivers will look at you with respect and admiration. You know it’s true.